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To Feed the mix from the Pan Mix to The Brick Press

Capacity :

 3.5 tons / hour

Power (Motor) :  

 2 H.P.

Bottom End Storage :  

 Intermittent Bin

Flow Regulation :

 By heavy Rollers

Technical Information

  • Piston is Hard Chrome
  • Wiper on Cylinder top
  • At a time, 4 workers can work
  • For removing of Ring, Facility of Hydraulic Stand is available
  • It can also Manufacture Chequered Tiles, Elevation Wall Tiles, Cable Tiles
  • Paver made will have shining smooth finish
  • Pavers mfgd. from our Paver Machine are fitted in Petrol (Fuel) Pump, Railway Plateform, Air Port, Swimming Pool, Garden Resort, General Public Parking Place, Industrial Parking Place, Railway Crossing & Container Yard
  • Paver Machine facilitate Mfg. of Paver pc. in two colours : bottom in grey cement material and top pc. (thickness 10 mm) as required/selected by customer. This help cost efficiency of paver

*Indicative only. Production depends upon the labour efficiency and mix quality. "Higher Tonnages, Brick size as per customer specifications. Standard Brick size is 230 x 110 x 75 mm

Specifications are subject to change for improvement. Specifications, weights, volume are approximate only Manufactures may introduce such alterations as they may deem fit without previous notice. Machines can be supplied as per customer's Specific requirements, Machine capacity mentioned is only for guidance. It will vary with materials.